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Low Income Internet Users Skyrocket After Popular Discount


Internet usage has skyrocketed in recent months due to a growing number of local, state and federal programs aimed at providing lower cost services to those that are on fixed incomes and those that fall into the category of low income. Connecttocompete.net is one of the leaders in affordable home internet service providers. Internet essentials make getting online fast, easy, and affordable. Call for pricing and availability in your area.

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What's the benefit of cheap internet service?

With ever-changing technology and the growing reliance on the internet for companies, schools, and governments, the success of young adults will increasingly depend on how well they can adapt to this new changing connected world. Year-over-year, more businesses, schools, and governments are moving to online systems environments. If new students or job seekers are unable to compete in this market, they will be left behind.

Are there low cost internet service providers in my area?

Currently the United States lags behind other emerging nations when it comes to providing widespread internet broadband access. A 2011 initiative called Connect to Compete was created in order to bridge the connection gap between low income families and the rest of society. Since programs like this have been put into place, children and families are seeing greater access to broadband and affordable internet access.
Connecttocompete.net has teamed up with low cost internet access providers and cable TV providers in order to provide affordable connection services. Getting online in today’s society is a must. In order to apply for jobs, to take online classes, and to get up-to-date information on today’s current events is imperative. We make it easy to find local internet providers and cable TV providers in your area. Setup is easy and affordable.

Call Now for Availability and Pricing (888)283-8841